The Walking Dead: S2 Episodes 2 & 3

Inevitable munching




Cast introduction and discussion on whether the weaknesses in episode 1 of season 2 helped to strengthen the plot of episodes 2 and 3.

Episode 2 Plot:
Episode 2 starts after with the fallout from the decision on whether to save Nick or Pete. All podcast members choose to save Nick and as such end up running through the woods and end up in a cabin. After fighting to make it out of the cabin you make it back to the main house of the group. You are left with Sarah at the house as the rest of the group goes searching for Nick and Pete. While waiting in the house a "creepy" guy shows up and starts looking around. He ends up leaving, but not before recognizing that Sarah is with you. When the rest of the group returns everyone decides to leave after finding out what happened. After walking for a while you make it to a bridge by a river. Luke and Clem decide to scout the bridge when walkers show up. While fighting them off a nice guy shows up and helps you. Nick appears and still shaken from early events shoots the man and kills him. The group continues over the bridge and makes it to a cabin up the hill. When you begin to enter the cabin Kenny shows up alive. As you go through some exploration and chores around the cabin you meet a woman Bonnie. After going through an emotional encounter with Walter, telling him of the death of Matthew (guy on the bridge), the wind electric generator stops. After going to restart the generator a group of walkers appear. In the ensuing chaos Carver (the "creepy" guy) and his group appear and take the group hostage. After a standoff with Kenny who managed to avoid capture, Carver's group is successfully in capturing everyone.

Episode 2 Questions:
1) Kenny? - Brian hated Kenny in season 1 and immediately changed to loving him in episode 2. Will - Best buddy with Kenny in season 1 and continued to be so into episode 2. Everyone in agreement that the immediate emotion upon seeing Kenny was happy with everyone choosing the option to hug Kenny. During the dinner at night Brian and Will choose to sit with Kenny and the cabin group while Nate choose to sit with the group from the house. Will describes all this emotion as being from a known entity, while Nate describes this as the closest thing to family that exists in the current world. Brian adds that he might me crazy and creepy with the new beard, but you ultimately know he will not screw you over.
2) Dude (Matthew) on the bridge - Nate asks about moment when Nick killed Matthew. Nate is furious with how Luke handled the whole situation. Brian talks about how this is a moment that you know will come back to bit you in the end. Will brings up the fact that Nate thinks that Matthew and Walter were in a relationship and more then just friends. Will and Brian didn't get that feeling, but could see that being a possibility. All the cast members agreed that each wanted to tell Walter that the group was responsible for Matthew's death.
3) Back to original house - What is the deal with Sarah? Nate says that she is a sheltered child while Will thinks she is more of a foil to the group. Are we irritated with Sarah's father for the way she is being brought up? Brian states that it is definitely irritating, but he still tried to be friendly and understanding with her. Nate told Sarah the truth about the situation and where everyone had gone. Brian asks Nate if telling her made any difference, to which Nate explains that is made her more self aware and more pissed at her father. Will notes that Sarah has been treated with kid gloves for a long while. Brian adds that in this world kids can not afford to not know what is going on and the inevitable munching that will occur makes it that much more important to be prepared.

Episode 2 Notes:
Will - Clem's voice was annoying.
Will - Plot hole on the bridge as the team splits up.
Will - Cabin was very unsettling after just playing The Last of Us.
Will - War on Christmas with choice to pick angel or star for tree topper.
Will - Another walker with a letterman jacket during end of episode walker attack.

Episode 2 Ending:
Large number of walkers attack due to noise from wind turbine generator being restarted (turbine sabotaged by Carver's group). Carver captures the group (except for Luke and Kenny) in the ensuing chaos. Brian notes that the group seemed to be over-run by Carver's group a little easier then they should have. Will thought Carver did it well waiting for the group to run low on ammo before going after them. Once inside Clem sneaks upstairs and you are faced with a choice to either surrender to Carver or sneak outside. (Will and Nate's choice) If you sneak outside you meet up with Kenny who has a sniper rifle. Kenny snipes a generic guy in Carver's group. You then have choice to tell Kenny to shoot Carver or surrender. If you choose to have Kenny shoot, he grazes Carver who grabs Alvin and kills him. Carver then grabs Sarita and threatens her. Kenny then surrenders and everyone is captured. (Brian's choice) If Clem surrenders everyone comes downstairs and Carver asks for Kenny the remaining person not captured. Kenny snipes a generic guy. Carver picks up Walter and kills him. You are then given a choice to yell to Kenny to keep firing or surrender. If you tell him to surrender Kenny comes in. Carver picks up Alvin and attempts to shoot him. You can then choose to push him out of the way and you get grazed. Everyone then surrenders and is captured.

Confrontation With Walter:
Everyone in the podcast felt that the confrontation was going to lead to something big. Will felt this was another example of a great character setup to ultimately die. Nate felt worse in this part of the game then any other game moment. Nate also felt this was unavoidable confrontation.

Episode 3 Plot:
Episode 3 starts with everyone being transported in the back of a truck. You end up making it to a strip mall with a home improvement store. You are led to the garden section which becomes your new place of residence. Your are immediately introduced to Reggie (the Walking Dead version of Nate) and other new characters. After the first night you start new work and help Bonnie at the armory. Afterwards you are brought to a greenhouse to prune plants with Sarah and Reggie. After Sarah fails her part Reggie is killed by Carver. You next are sent to the end of the strip mall where you see Kenny arguing with another guy. After a walker attack you make it to a comic book store and meet up with Luke who has been sneaking around. He suggests a plan to you and asks for you to get a walkie-talkie to communicate. When you get back to the garden section you tell everyone else the plan and at night you sneak into the home improvement store via the roof and steal a walkie-talkie. The next day you get Luke the walkie-talkie and he explanis that a herd of walkers are headed to the store. Knowing that defense is week you sneak back into the store via the roof at night to turn on the PA system to attract the walkers and after killing Carver you escape in the ensuing chaos.

Episode 3 Questions:
Did you watch Kenny beat and kill Carver? - Brian and Nate did, Will did not.
Pissed at Luke? - Brian was after liking him the first episode of the season hated him both episode 2 and 3. Will liked to keep secrets in season 1, but hated them in season 2 and hated Luke for doing so. Nate didn't much care about Luke.
Carver really wants Clem's group to join? - Will states that Carver is in charge and basically can have his way (cult-like). Nate adds that it is annoying that this is not explored and explained further.
Reggie - Will talks about how Reggie is the guy who tries to please everyone and ends up pleasing no one. He's the second interesting guy introduced only to be killed immediately. Nate's explains this is his favorite character for obvious reasons.
Conversation in the back of the truck - Will talks about how this was a great scene with conversation so fast that you can not here it all and make the required choices presented to you.
Kenny garden scene - In the garden scene where you are discussing plan to escape Carver comes in and asks about the missing walkie-talkie. You are about to take the blame when Kenny grabs the walkie-talkie and says he took it. Carver then proceeds to savagely beat Kenny.
Doctor forced to hit Sarah - Will notes that Clem reminds Sarah that Carver made him do it and really Carver hit him.

Episode 3 Ending:
Final scene involves you walking through a herd of walkers covered in walker guts. Will notes "Wow what a scene". Brian notes this is reminiscent of season 1 episode 5 where you walk through walkers hacking as you go. A guy on the roof shoots the doctor and Sarah runs off scared causing walkers to go crazy. As Clem you continue to fight off walkers only to turn around and see Sarita with a walker biting on her arm. You can then either attack the walker or chop off her arm. Everyone in the podcast chose to chop off her arm. Brian notes that chopping off limbs has now become common place and almost automatic at this point.

Episode 3 Notes:
Will - We still don't know if the game has the notion that everyone is already infected.
Nate - Beating of Carver with crowbar by Kenny was crazy.
Brian - Did anyone see a lettman jacket in the final scene (no one did).
Brian - Scenes sneaking on the roof were meant to be stealthy, but really were not.
Brian - Bonnie you go from liking her to hating her to liking her again in 400 days, episode 2, and episode 3 respectively.
Will - 400 days characters end up as Carver's group.
Will - External reference to Penny Arcade comic strip.

Ratings (Episode 2 and 3 combined):
Brian - 8.0
Nate - 8.0
Will - 8.0

Final Comments:
Everyone agreed episodes 2 and 3 were much much better then episode 1.


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