Tomb Raider

Raiding the finest tombs with some fine wombs





Introductions (Tien was wet)

The origins of the tomb raider and a quick reboot. Oreo negotiation techniques. Was the queen more like a Goa'uld or a Tok'ra. Justifying the supernatural. Indiana Jones and the trapping of Laura. Contextualizing craziness with black box mysticism. An occult cult and Alberto's (anti)climax. Zip lines, how do they work? Taboo emotions in video games. Be the car. Love for our sisters.

Chicken Break

Foreshadowing... Alberto likes the young Polygons. Name that arsenal! Build a better silencer. Personal progression systems. Pretty pixels: earth wind and fire. Disjointed story development. Nobody leaves Moria alive! More foreshadowing... Alberto's a little squeamish. Simon's simple fail states.

Quick break and again with even more foreshadowing.

Parkour master. Follow the white rabbit. Most foreshadowing! Hidden transistor. Listen to the sounds of safety. And he arrives!!! Angelina Jolie fixation! Tien explaining multiplayer but let's talk about Assassins' creed instead. The Fat Princesses' cake is a lie. Does multiplayer hurt or help player retention. Maybe a lot squeamish. The next tomb, still running away. Apparently Alberto has horrible taste in movies. Tien shows grace in wrongness. Setting sans character. Tien's Yoga level stretching. Some scores. Nate invokes LND.


Will Atkinson

Alberto Malfavon

Tien-Ju Yu

Nate Stevens