PixelJunk Eden (2008) vs. Electronic Super Joy (2013)

Get your groove on with two jammin' platformers.




It's a very intimate show tonight, as Will and Nate venture deep into electronic music territory in two distinctly different approaches to the musical platformer. Electronic Super Joy is a pixel graphic-styled brutal platformer's chase (the difficulty of which has only Super Meat Boy to pay homage to) in order to take down Rogue Pope One as a silhouette of a boy to the incredibly loud thumping beats of Eurodance backed by mid-tier-quality German gonzo porn sound effects. Meanwhile, in a far more mature and artsy vein, PixelJunk Eden is Q-Games and Baiyon's collaboration to give you an idea of what his DJ residency nights at Tokyo's infamous and somewhat secret underground megaclub Womb might be like if you were the only one around and a weird drum track kept popping either into your head or off to stage right; you're not sure because you're on a couple too many tabs of acid, but everything is incredible neon vectors on sharp black backgrounds the color of the Arctic night sky before the Canadians set up that Santa shop and the Russians needed the oil money enough to explore the taiga.

Relevant links!

Relevant music podcasts!

  • The Anjunadeep Edition for good deep house, a bit more calm than Eden's soundtrack (a progressive house record label out of London)

  • Resident Advisor (RA) podcast for getting into techno and more eclectic, less smooth, more worldly sounds

  • The Monstercat podcast for slightly more energetic, upbeat sounds midway between the energy of these two OSTs (an upbeat trancey-dance record label out of Vancouver)

The theme this week is so incredible it couldn't be contained: "Voyage: Andromeda" by Jayster, from chipmusic.org. Also from chipmusic, the WILL'S GAMING MINUTE(tm) theme is, fittingly, "Wienerhype" by jaar. The song towards the end is from the ESJ official soundtrack, so go check that out!


Nate Stevens

Will Atkinson