Sins of a Solar Empire (2008-2011)

Conquest some solar systems; feel guilty about it.




This week, we all sat down to play each other (or mostly, to collectively fend off expert Will) in Ironclad Studios' Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, which is a hybrid 4X and realtime ("RT4X") strategy game all about managing a spacefaring empire in the far-flung future. And of course since it's a 4X, you battle each other. And of course since it's a 2015 game, there is no campaign-- wait, this game first came out in 2008?! Ahead of its time!

We discuss our experiences, 4X play strategies in general, and generally rib each other about the inevitable outcomes of our two games together - with about half of us being completely fresh to the game.

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Alberto Malfavon

Brian Pachucki

Derek Matthew Hendrick

Esteban Santana Santana

Matthew Sassu

Will Atkinson