Bastion (2011)

This game is sad, everywhere, and gorgeous.




This week, we're coming up roses as we review Supergiant's 2011 double-A (?) indie darling, Bastion. This game has been around forever, and it has made its way onto so many platforms, it's almost difficult to keep track - but it began life as a 360 indie game by a group of seven devs mostly of ex-Westwood/EA LA fame. Needless to say, there isn't much resemblance to the days of Kane & Co., but what remains is a shining gem of gorgeous graphics and a fun brawler, though we wish it was a bit less obscure and a bit more RPG-ey (some of us, anyway).

The key thing this podcast might help you with, oh previous player of Bastion, is a far more comprehensive understanding of the story, which our friend Matt knows a suspicious amount about. Listen up!

Also featured are extensive recommendations, some of them strange, based on what we feel are similar or precursory games to Supergiant's first. And somehow, zero spoilers for Transistor!

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