Heavy Rain

"Best game ever" or "all I do is press X"?




This episode is an early work and is only recommended if you love the game - or, slightly more likely, love hearing us. :)

Introductions begin this week with our favorite weather. It's the smallest of small talk to open the episode that honors what might be Movie Fan Alberto's favorite game ever, the David Cage pixels-are-emotions-fueled narrative experience that is 2009's Heavy Rain. Our cast is large and unwieldy, featuring Will, Alberto, Nate, Brian, Tien-ju, Megan, and Alberto tagalong Angelica.

JASON! JASON!!! Heavy Rain is a mystery novel game unsubtly aimed at aping the cinema style by French studio Quantic Dream, who also did Fahrenheit (or Indigo Prophecy, depending on how much nudity you saw) in the PS2 era. It centers around a mystery serial killer dubbed the "Origami Killer", the pronunciation of which you had probably better hear on your own. There are four main protagonists, whose roles you switch between as the game goes on and you attempt to figure out who is kidnapping children, culminating in the abduction of Protagonist Ethan's young son Sean, suspiciously during one of Sean's blackouts. Is Sean the killer? We discuss.

We're really quite curious when each of us figured out who the killer actually was (we're going to spoil the heck out of that), where the origami in Ethan's hand came from (spoiler: we don't know either), and whether the game is amazing or terrible. If you've listened to us for very long, it's very predictable who holds what opinion. Various endings are discussed, and we hear Alberto brag about having the platinum and are collectively sad about the effort it takes to get. And, most importantly, we question whether this would be better as a racing game. Turns out nothing can help it.


  • Alberto: 9.5

  • Megan: 8

  • Tien-Ju: 8

  • Nate: 7.5

  • Brian: 7

  • Will: 4.5


Alberto Malfavon

Will Atkinson

Brian Pachucki

Nate Stevens

Tien-Ju Yu

Megan Paulson