Fallout Shelter (2015)

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Get down in the dirt with us as we talk about Fallout Shelter, the hip game that literally attaches to your hip (it's a mobile game, is the joke I'm making here) and nags you incessantly but is so charmingly styled with that one Pip-Boy guy and the love of the world(s) of Fallout, that you just can't be mad. You'll find yourself a whale indebted $20 to Bethesda in no time as you build a Vault of their dreams for your mostly-pregnant or child inhabitants! Remember to not let them out very often, especially if they're Liam Neeson. That's the lesson I think this game teaches.

Editor's note: But what would I know? I didn't get to play it because it wasn't on the more open platform.

Editor's successive note: Turns out now it's on Android, as of August [2015]! Huzzah! Here's a podcast to commemorate the occasion of actual global accessability!

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