The Walking Dead: S2 E4&5 (2014)

Bring it on home with dear sweet Clementine




Fresh from the shrinking backlog here at Emotive Pixels, we serve up the long-overdue finale to our discussion surrounding The Walking Dead Season Two, a Telltale adventure series loosely paralleling Robert Kirkman's comic and - of course - the culturally monolithic AMC TV production. We tackle episodes 4 and 5 here - check out earlier coverage further back in our catalog!

In these episodes, we follow Clementine through more harrowing guts-strewn throngs of zombies on through even more awkward and profound emotional moments and, as our cast is wont to point out, intolerable humans. We get into the conclusion of the series quite deeply and really rue the things we felt we've missed with our endings (especially as they relate to our mostly-merciless treatment of Kenny). We talk about how much Bonnie is no good, the fine balance beam Telltale is walking with their action-to-cutscene ratio, statue quotes, dream sequences neverending, and niche Hotline Miami references.

It's an exciting week, and an older episode serves as an excellent reminder of the thrills that are only possible when you rate games. Remember when we did that?

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