Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

We are brothers from several mothers.




This episode is an early work and is only recommended if you love the game - or, slightly less likely, love hearing us. :)

In a series of escalating buffoonery, we attempt to describe the plot of this beautiful game and merely end up nicking some of the concepts that make it so great. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is another indie darling put on the level of Braid and Fez: a game you should definitely play. Here today to talk about it are Will, Brian, Nate, Alberto, Geoff, Tyson, and Tien-ju are all here.

Fundamentally, Brothers controls are reliant upon your twin sticks: the left stick controls one of the brothers, and the right controls the other. Only occasionally does this push coordination to the limit, but it does serve as ludonarrative reinforcement: this control scheme drives home how connected you two as siblings are, which is an idea the game conveys extremely well on many levels, and all without any speech whatsoever. Brothers is a wonderful platformer full of wonder, benches, and feelings, so sit down with the guys and let's hear it out!

In part 1, we discuss the plot and the mood, hydrophobia, and a lack of plot concretism; in part 2, it's mechanics and controls, potential improvements, pesky gears, cliffs and troll giants and general difficult bits (but mostly hippogriffs), all without missing putting the sheep on it; in part 3, it's into the darker sections of both the game and our lives, covering about the later 75% of the game plus our favvyfav moments; part 4 concludes with some additional thoughts and a recommendation or two.


Will Atkinson

Brian Pachucki

Nate Stevens

Geoff Gariando

Alberto Malfavon

Tyson Lambert

Tien-Ju Yu