The Order: 1886 (2015)

A one-knight stand




On this week's episode, we ponder some unique reasons for the strange epilogue of Ready At Dawn's first original IP, The Order: 1886 that are surprisingly palatable despite being initially proposed as pure sarcasm. We also discuss mandatory deets like the plot, flaming coffin shipping, barely-disguised historical references, vampires, and lycans (but not the cool supercar you've totally seen in DRIVECLUB).

We ponder the influence of Ready At Dawn's legacy of mobile development and handling others' IPs (in the case of the God of War franchise) and how that pans into this game's strengths and weaknesses, we reflect on who this game would be good for (spoiler: it's one of our cast who didn't show up), and we draw some parallels between a certain French game that has lots of emotions; we reflect upon the gender roles in the game's female characters, and in so doing we either get something completely inappropriate or guess accurately at something hidden and slightly odd. All in all it's a pretty straightforward discussion this week:

The Order: 1886 is a one-knight stand, a fine mark in the emerging genre of perfect triple-A Redbox rentals.


Will Atkinson

Nate Stevens

Craig Schuemann