NCIS: The Videogame (2011)

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This week on the Emotive Pixels podcast, we take a glimpse into the NCIS videogame, released in late 2011 to the universal acclaim of platinum trophy hunters everywhere (and probably not very many others). This is a concerted effort by an internal Ubisoft studio, which apparently makes it a step up from similar CSI games developed by Ubisoft which are handled by a satellite studio in China. We completely avoid discussing this in the podcast, and instead focus on whether or not this is an enjoyable experience for fans of the show, and how badly you'll have to suffer for what many consider to be last generation's easiest 100% completion achievement.

Specific points touched upon include voice actors that make the jump between CBS and Ubisoft (there are two of them, by our count), integration and dependence on dastardly quicktime events, pattern matching minigames, and vaguely uninstructed nuclear bomb disarmaments atop skyscrapers. In a lengthy discussion about the worst games we've experienced, we awkwardly and inadvertently compare Hatred and Noby Noby Boy and discover some strange passion, before moving on to discuss the raw historical offensiveness that is Custer's Revenge for the Atari.

As a special featurette, we delve into some quick 2005 reminiscence with tales of launch date Xbox 360 fails courtesy of the illustrious Nate.


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