Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (2014)

Shadow of a good time.




On this episode of the Emotive Pixels podcast, we are joined by special megaceleb Anthony Gallegos of Rebel FM and The Comedy Button fame to discuss Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

Topics covered this week are broad, but focus particularly upon our elusive belief that this game is an example of mechanics-driven game design. To that end, we imagine where WB might apply the Nemesis engine next, whether in a Tolkien-centric direct sequel or liberally peppered throughout all kinds of whimsical IP in need of a fix. There's some discussion about voice acting focusing upon some North-Baker interplay, and there is a mild amount of required background research for a brief discussion about PlaidSocial and WB's review policy which is thoroughly draconian, to quote our esteemed guest. Check out the Jimquisition episode on the matter here for more information.

There's no surprise in our ratings all being quite consistently 'great', and that isn't a spoiler. This is a great game and is, some of us daresay, something truly next-gen. Finally.


Will Atkinson

Brian Pachucki

Nate Stevens

Alberto Malfavon

Craig Schuemann