Evolution Studios Retrospective (Driveclub & MotorStorm)

We marathon some racers with unfortunate launches.


Evolution Studios Retrospective (Driveclub & MotorStorm)


Active from 1999 to March of 2016, we (Craig and resident racing nut Nate) hope you haven't forgotten the contributions of famed British racing developer Evolution Studios. And to wit, we've reviewed 3 MotorStorm titles, and the infamous Driveclub. We won't spoil much here, not even the plot of Apocalypse, but we will talk at length about the physics and overall appeal of each game. And we also discuss The Crazies. And Slam. And Pendulum & Monument Valley and other great places, most of the rest of them digital but not entirely fantasy.

We even reference Split/Second, which is the first time that game has ever been mentioned, ever, let alone by us! RIP Black Rock too.
Plus, a new segment!: Would this game be better with mechs? (The answer is always yes.)
We also cover the odd link between Evo boardroom conversations and Fast & The Furious.

The theme this week is "Red Riding Hood" by Klamm, from chipmusic.org.

Cover image (website only) is, unaltered, from Driveclub's photo mode, courtesy our host. Protip: put your PS4 into PNG screenshot saving mode.


Nate Stevens

Craig Schuemann