Distant Worlds: Seattle Symphony Review

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Distant Worlds: Seattle Symphony Review


Come join us as we reminisce about our sojourn to the wondrous world of Benaroya Hall in downtown sunny and heatwave-drenched Seattle as the boys (and two girls) ventured into the halls of retromancy (wait... not what that means) and modernity. Uematsu and Hama-isuzutrooper are at their heights this week!

Topics include which FFs are our favorite, which we [haven't] played, which ones have the best OSTs, which videogame music podcasts you should listen to (just kidding, we didn't talk about this but I have a couple), and which games we want to play just based on the FMVs we saw as each game was being showcased behind the orchestra - a question we were inspired to ask by having seen Zelda performances elsewhere.

These truly are some master works, some of the defining works that will last beyond many other pieces of the medium's finest productions, perhaps even outliving a world in which "Final Fantasy" is a common household franchise to namedrop. Some say Uematsu is regarded as a celebrity in Japan, and some of these pieces - especially some of the earlier ones, say some in our group - really bring that point home.

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