Episode 1

On Ratings and Gamer Gate


Episode 1


This discussion is the first of many about the news and games of the day. In this first recording we discuss two topics: our take on how we rate games and this year's GamerGate scandal.

Our discussion about ratings started by Nate bringing up a discussion first inspired by Polygon's Quality Control Podcast[1] (the Bayonetta 2 episode), the thesis of which was that a perfect score is not necessarily an indicator of a perfect game but 'the highest recommendation a game can recieve.' Brian was leaning more in the other direction - that a perfect rating is in fact an indication of a perfect game and as such is exceedingly rare (if not impossible). Will's opinion was a bit less defined but he ultimately felt that we should attempt to rate across the spectrum of a full 10 point scale.

To gain some perspective on our ratings, we talked about what some of our all-time favorite games are. Nate accused Will of having a 'big budget bias' when he brought up Mass Effect 2[2] and Half-Life 2[3] and countered with Myst[4] and Pokemon Crystal[5]. Will came back with some lower budget games: the classic Ghostbusters[6] and Magica[7].

Sadly though, not everything is coming up roses in late 2014, and through the eye of the GamerGate 'controversy' we take a glance at Anita Sarkeesian, the threats made against her, and her Kickstarted video series 'Tropes Vs. Women in Video Games'[8]. Our views on the entire debacle are somewhat tempered by Polygon's Letter From the Editor[9]. We then took a look at it Bayonetta 2[10] and how it was both feeding and fighting the problem.

From GamerGate to the wide issue of rating systems, we hit the rounds, but never fear - this is just be the first conversation of many.

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Brian Pachucki

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